Annual Report European Exchange 2008

Berlin, 31th December 2008: Please find here the 2008 annual report of the European Exchange.

Polish-German Partnership for Ukraine

Warsaw, 19th December 2008: On December 18-19, 2008 an international conference “Ukraine as a Partner of the Eastern Policy of Poland and Germany” took place. It became the largest – by qualitative and quantitative representation of participants – conference on Polish-Ukrainian-German issues for the last several years in Poland. In spite of the pre-holiday period 170 experts, politicians, civil servants and journalists from Poland, Ukraine and Germany participated in the conference. They have been sharing their vision of Polish-German-Ukrainian relations for two days.
Organizers of the conference were:  Polish-Ukrainian Cooperation Foundation PAUCI, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Auswärtige Politik e. V., European Exchange gGmbH. The conference was financially supported by the Polish-German Cooperation Foundation and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland.

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Exhibition "Belarus 09-28-2008" in Warsaw

Warsaw, 5th December 2008: For the second time the photo exhibition „Belarus 28.09.08“ with photos by Anne Ackermann, Stephan Pramme and Jan Zappner, has been presented, this time in Warsaw in the gallery Zoya, from December 11th through December 19th 2008. The opening day of the exhibition was accompanied by a discussion with Siewiaryn Kviatkouski, an independent author and journalist from Minsk. He has recently published a short story collection documenting the life of a few known politicians, journalists, musicians, writers and ordinary individuals under the current Regime of Lukanshenka in an amusing but honest way. Adam Busuleanu from the European Exchange moderated the discussion.

More photos by Anne Ackermann  More photos by Jan Zappner  Gallery Zoya

Fourth Kiev Dialogue, October 23rd through 24th 2008 in Kiev

Kyiv, 25th Ocotober 2008: The fourth conference “Kiev Dialogue” was held on history and a politics of remembrance in the Ukraine and Germany at present, from October 23rd through October 24th. Over 200 participants consisting of NGO- and foundation representatives as well as institutions and media concerning the civil society came together in Kiev.

To read about the conference (in German) click here.

Network of Domestic Election Monitors in Belarus 2007 - 2008

Berlin, 1st October 2008: During 2007 and 2008 European Exchange gGmbH together with the Belarusian Human Rights organisations Viasna and the Belarusian Helsinki Committee has cooperated in setting up a network of domestic election monitors in Belarusian regions and Minsk. Aimed at addressing the lack of free and fair elections in Belarus which is an indispensable precondition for democratization of the country, the project was an important step for providing the Belarusian and international public with authentic information on the conduction of the Parliamentary elections in Belarus in September 2008. Within the framework of the project a network of domestic election observers consisting of 300 local election observers, coordinators and local journalists has been established in Belarus. The participants have been prepared for observing the elections and have been sensitized for all relevant rules and regulations related to the election process in seminars in advance. The project was financially supported by the European Union and the German and Lithuanian Foreign Ministries. 

To learn more about the outcomes of the election monitoring process click here
To learn more about the Belarusian Helsinki Committee click here

June 25th-27th 2008: Olga Kozulina in Berlin

Berlin, 28th June 2008: On Invitation of European Exchange and the Human Rights Association in Belarus Olga Kozulina visited Berlin from June 25th to 27th to speak about the situation of the political prisoners in Belarus. The public lecture and film presentation took place on June 25th, at 6.30pm in the House of Democracy and Human Rights.

Olga Kozulina is a member of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party „Gramada“. Her father, the head of the homonymous Party Alexander Kozulin was arrested in March 2006 and sentenced to five and half years of imprisonment. Alexander Kozulin is a former presidential candidate. Olga Kozulina has been acting as the contact person of her father and the public since he was detained.

She also pleads for freedom of all political prisoners in Belarus. The Party “Gramada” has nominated Olga Kozulina for the parliamentary election, which will take place on September 28th.

For more information please contact: info@european-exchange.org.

Dr. Lyavon Barsceuski in Berlin

Berlin, 21th April 2008: On April 21th 2008 within the framework of the European Exchange Programme Dr. Lyavon Barsceuski, publicist and president of the Belorussian Opposition Party „Popular Front“ (BNF) followed his invitation to hold a speech on the subject of „The Belorussian Opposition 2008“. BNF is the biggest and oldest opposition party in Belorussia. The meeting took place on Monday, the 21st of April, at 6.30 PM in the European Academy of Berlin. Barsceuski also is the head of the Belorussian PEN and director of the Belorussian Humanistic Lyceum which was outlawed by the government in 2003 and operates in the underground. Dr. Hans Georg Wieck, the former ambassador to the OSCE, head of the association „Human Rights in Belorussia“ took part in the meeting too. The event was kindly supported by the Robert Bosch Foundation and takes place in cooperation with the Human Rights Association in Belorussia. For more information please contact: info@european-exchange.org.