Exhibition "Belarus 09-28-2008" in Warsaw

Warsaw, 5th December 2008: For the second time the photo exhibition „Belarus 28.09.08“ with photos by Anne Ackermann, Stephan Pramme and Jan Zappner, has been presented, this time in Warsaw in the gallery Zoya, from December 11th through December 19th 2008. The opening day of the exhibition was accompanied by a discussion with Siewiaryn Kviatkouski, an independent author and journalist from Minsk. He has recently published a short story collection documenting the life of a few known politicians, journalists, musicians, writers and ordinary individuals under the current Regime of Lukanshenka in an amusing but honest way. Adam Busuleanu from the European Exchange moderated the discussion.

More photos by Anne Ackermann  More photos by Jan Zappner  Gallery Zoya

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