Dr. Lyavon Barsceuski in Berlin

Berlin, 21th April 2008: On April 21th 2008 within the framework of the European Exchange Programme Dr. Lyavon Barsceuski, publicist and president of the Belorussian Opposition Party „Popular Front“ (BNF) followed his invitation to hold a speech on the subject of „The Belorussian Opposition 2008“. BNF is the biggest and oldest opposition party in Belorussia. The meeting took place on Monday, the 21st of April, at 6.30 PM in the European Academy of Berlin. Barsceuski also is the head of the Belorussian PEN and director of the Belorussian Humanistic Lyceum which was outlawed by the government in 2003 and operates in the underground. Dr. Hans Georg Wieck, the former ambassador to the OSCE, head of the association „Human Rights in Belorussia“ took part in the meeting too. The event was kindly supported by the Robert Bosch Foundation and takes place in cooperation with the Human Rights Association in Belorussia. For more information please contact:

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