Ukraine - Myths and Propaganda around Maidan

Berlin, April 9, 2014

A common enterprise with Euromaidan Wache Berlin, "Kiev Dialogue", Internationale Renaissance Foundation and Schwarzkopf foundation Berlin. Participants at the panel discussion:Ali Hamsin, Speaker of the Medzhlis of Crimean Tatars, Simferopol, Krim, Viacheslav Likhachev, expert on right-wing extremism in Ukraine, Israel, Anton Shekhovtsov, expert on right-wing parties, Sevastopol, Krim – UK, Josef Zissels, President of the Association of Jewish organisationsin Ukraine discussed current challenges for the democratic movement in Ukraine through anti-ukrainian propaganda and discussed the nature of right-wing extremism in Ukraine and the Russian Federation. Einladung zur Podiumsdiskussion

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