About Us


The European Exchange was founded in Berlin in 2005 and has since been committed to the democratic development of Europe and its neighbourhood.

We are committed to peace, pluralism, open societies, and respect for human and civil rights throughout our continent. Essential prerequisites are strong political institutions, free elections and an educated and economically independent civil society.

The main activities of the European Exchange aim to support citizens in their efforts to exert control over state action. We are committed to the long-term networking of civilian actors across national borders throughout Europe. Through capacity building, political education and advocacy in the European institutions, we aim to strengthen the concerns of Europe's civil society on a long-term basis.

The European Exchange holds the secretariats of two international platforms for civil society cooperation:

the European Platform for Democratic Elections (EPDE), an association of European civil society election observation organizations,

and the KYIV DIALOGUE, an independent German-Ukrainian project association.